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Midweek Mail – Disposable masks causing enormous plastic waste

Midweek Mail - Disposable masks causing enormous plastic waste Due to the increase in demand for face coverings more people are purchasing disposable masks than ever before. In some professions disposable masks are required, but for a lot of people they are not.  Disposable masks aren’t allowed to be thrown away with regular recycling, and [...]

2020-09-15T15:12:56+01:00September 16th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – England to introduce the ‘Safe Six’ for social gatherings

With the rise of Coronavirus cases in England Boris Johnson has confirmed that all social gatherings will be reduced to a maximum of 6 as from Monday. Full details will be confirmed by downing street later on today, but for now we do know that the ‘safe six’ rule doesn’t apply to the following: Controlled [...]

2020-09-14T09:07:12+01:00September 9th, 2020|Midweek Mail, Uncategorised|

Midweek Mail – Back to school edition

After being closed for five months the school gates are finally reopening! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic schools had to unexpectedly close, which has been a strange and challenging time for everyone, the teachers, the children and the parents.  Plans have been put into place to help ensure a smooth transition back into the classroom, [...]

2020-09-02T09:48:13+01:00September 2nd, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – Face Coverings to be worn in secondary schools in local lockdown

As schools prepare to reopen their gates it has been stated that face coverings will not need to be worn by both staff and students, this now however appears to have been altered slightly. It has since been released that any schools situated within an area of local lockdown will have to ensure all staff [...]

2020-08-26T14:58:49+01:00August 26th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – The UK throws away 9 million plastic bottles each year

Plastic pollution is currently one of the biggest concerns in the world today, with the UK alone throwing away over 450,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year, which equates to around 9 million bottles.  Sadly not all plastic is recycled the way it should be, and due to plastic having toxic pollutants the waste damages [...]

2020-08-19T16:07:41+01:00August 19th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – What to do if an employee tests positive

As we all get back to work it is important to reiterate to your colleagues that they must follow the most up to date guidelines for checking themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.  With tests now more available and accessible it is imperative that if anyone suspects they have the virus, that they go and get [...]

2020-08-12T15:57:29+01:00August 12th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – Warning against fake hand sanitiser and face masks

We are all ensuring we are washing our hands regularly and most of us are carrying around hand sanitisers for times we don’t have access to soap and water. This is brilliant, and definitely what we need to be doing, but London Heathrow have announced that they have come across millions of fake hand sanitisers [...]

2020-07-22T15:42:09+01:00July 22nd, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – Face mask or face a fine

There is evidence that the wearing of a mask helps protect individuals and others around them from the virus. With this yesterday in England it was announced that face masks will be compulsory in all shops as from Friday 24th July 2020, a move that will then bring them into line with Scotland and other [...]

2020-07-15T09:10:29+01:00July 15th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – FDA warning over more Hand Sanitisers testing positive for containing Methanol

When you’re shopping it’s easy to choose a product based on price or ease, but it is important that you always check and research what you’re purchasing.  This week the FDA has released a warning that five more hand sanitisers have been found to contain methanol. Methanol is a highly dangerous substance that can be [...]

2020-07-13T15:30:09+01:00July 8th, 2020|Midweek Mail|