Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Clean That FAQs Page. This page will help answer any questions you might have. If you don’t find your answer please use the Contact page to get in touch, or use our live chat.

Q: What do I do if I can’t place an order online with a credit card?2020-05-08T12:02:15+01:00

A: Call or e-mail us and we would be happy to place an order an alternative way including purchase order numbers being raised – subject to payment terms.

Q: How long does the anti-bacterial cleaner last?2020-05-08T12:05:15+01:00

A: Dependant on use 500ml trigger spray bottles last on average 30 days. 

Q: The quantity I am looking for isn’t available on the website – can you help?2020-05-08T12:07:59+01:00

A: Yes, please contact us with the details of the volumes you need and we will look to support your requirements.

Q: What is the lead time on deliveries?2020-05-08T12:08:56+01:00

A: 3-5 working days

Q: If I require my order sooner, can I change the delivery times?2020-05-08T12:11:09+01:00

A: Yes, we will work with you where possible to meet your delivery requirements, depending on the stock and size of the order. 

Q: What is the maximum I can order?2020-05-08T12:12:23+01:00

A: There is no maximum order, if you are unable to place sufficient order online please contact us directly and we will arrange accordingly. 

Q: Can I view the MSDS sheet prior to ordering?2020-05-08T12:12:59+01:00

A: Yes, please complete our enquiries form and we will e-mail our MSDS sheet to you.

Q: Can I create a recurring order?2020-05-08T12:13:41+01:00

A: Yes, please contact admin@clean-that.com with the volumes and frequency required and we will set this up for you. 

Q: How safe are the products?2020-05-08T12:14:11+01:00
A: Our specifically formulated solution has been manufactured with safety in mind. By eliminating alcohol our products are non-flammable and non-toxic. Recommendations include gloves and safety goggles when using the multi-purpose surface cleaner due to the strength of the product, this reduces risk of any eye irritation. The hand sanitiser should be applied as per guidelines and continues to protect skin for up to 6 hours, however should not be ingested and avoid contact with your eyes. 
Q: What is the difference between the two products?2020-05-08T12:14:54+01:00

A: Our multi-purpose surface cleaner is created to provide an effective disinfectant on contact with surfaces and continuous protection up to 30 days. A powerful solution for killing bacteria and continuously working when on the surface to protect with a barrier limiting the growth of new bacteria/moulds etc. The hand sanitiser is a gel solution which gentler on skin with the same kill rate and barrier mechanism found in all of our products for a long-lasting, powerful solution. 

Q: Is it safe to use in food preparation areas?2020-05-08T12:15:27+01:00

A: Yes, our anti-bacterial multi-surface cleaner is non-direct food safe. Effective on all hard surfaces including those in kitchen/food preparation environments.

Q: Why is alcohol free better?2020-05-08T12:16:10+01:00

A: Alcohol based products are effective in a flash on flash off environment, this means that whilst they are powerful, they aren’t protecting skin/surfaces ongoing which requires repeated use. The dangers of using alcohol based products include; flammable, toxic, stains and can often lead to burns on the skin. Alcohol based hand sanitisers dry the skin out of oils and moisture which protect the hands, if an alcohol based hand gel is used it is then highly recommended that an effective moisturiser is used also to replenish the moisture to keep hands protected. Clean That’s anti-bacterial hand gel not only kills 99.99% bacteria but protects the skin with a barrier for protection, in a similar way to a moisturiser. See our news article on why we chose Alcohol Free products for more info.

Q: What is EN1276 and what does it mean? 2020-05-08T12:16:48+01:00
A: EN1276 is a certification based on bactericidal activity found in disinfectants. This accreditation certifies that the disinfectant kills 99.99% bacteria in under 2 minutes . Further to passing EN1276 accreditation our products have done so with a log rating of >5 which translates to having a kill time of under 30 seconds (when the global standard is 2 minutes). BS EN 1276:2019: ‘Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics . Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas. Test method and requirements’
Q: What other testing has been done on the products?2020-05-08T12:17:20+01:00

A: Thorough pre and post clean ATP testing has been done. ATP (Adenosine Trisphosphate, which is the energy molecule required for bacteria, moulds, viruses to grow in) has been proven to be significantly reduced to NHS standards by using Clean That products. This process proves the impact of killing 99.99% bacteria and creating an environment which is more difficult for bacteria, moulds and viruses to grow in.