Midweek Mail – Disposable masks causing enormous plastic waste

Due to the increase in demand for face coverings more people are purchasing disposable masks than ever before. In some professions disposable masks are required, but for a lot of people they are not. 

Disposable masks aren’t allowed to be thrown away with regular recycling, and are to be placed in general litter bins, unfortunately however it appears a lot of people are dropping them on the floor as litter. This can then have detrimental side effects as disposable masks contain certain plastics which pollute water, and harm wildlife, as animals  can become tangled in it, or try to eat it. 

It has been said that the media needs to do their part in encouraging people to buy and use more environmentally friendly face coverings. It is recommended that people wear reusable masks made of fabric instead, these can be made using old clothing or material or, they can be purchased at local supermarkets and online. 

So the next time you need to purchase a new face mask, think: does your job require you to wear the disposable kind, or can you use a reusable one, and make the right decision with our planet in mind.