About Us

Our journey began in 2019

Our sister company, Industrial Site Maintenance has been delivering high quality cleaning services to large logistic companies across the UK since 2009, and we decided it was time to create our own cleaning formula to use and further improve our service.

We started developing our non-harmful, alcohol -free solution in 2019, working closely with a local chemist to ensure we got the balance right between being kind to the environment, but strong enough to compete with alcohol-based products.

The creating & testing stage was underway

It wasn’t an easy task, but it was something we were dedicated to doing, and so following 9 months of research and development, we had a product to start testing in March 2020. We independently tested our solution in a laboratory, as well as in use in many different environments such as; schools, offices and warehouses. On completion of these tests we can confirm our product is effective within 30 seconds of application and can provide a shield of protection for up to 30 days!

Both our products are proudly EN1276 accredited which confirms their effectiveness against bacteria, and our antibacterial cleaner is also EN13697 accredited, meaning it is non-direct food safe, and therefore able to be used within kitchen environments.

Our work wasn’t done yet

Following the success of our antibacterial cleaner and in line with our passion with providing an alcohol-free solution, we decided to form a hand sanitiser. With the market for hand sanitiser being so vast, we wanted to introduce something new and different. Currently the most readily available hand sanitiser products are alcohol based, but that isn’t always a good thing. We are excited to be able to offer an alternative, an alternative that is just as effective and, in some cases, more effective.

We decided to make our solution a gel instead of a liquid, this enabling it to act as a moisturiser as well as a cleaner. The gel does therefore take a bit longer to absorb into your skin, but equally it allows the barrier of protection to last longer, in theory meaning you don’t need to use as much. With the formula being alcohol-free it means that it has a higher flashpoint than alcohol-based products, and therefore continues to work when in high temperatures. And if these benefits weren’t enough to convince you into trying an alcohol-free alternative, it’s kinder to your skin, and one single application will provide you protection for up to 6 hours.

Both of our products kill 99.9% of bacteria and provide an environment where bacteria, mold and viruses can’t land and grow on.

Both of our products were on the market and in use by April 2020

Currently our products are being used by many different logistic companies, offices and schools up and down the UK.

We are excited to be able to share them with you and assist your business in maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

Our Team

Everyone within Clean That from our chemist, to our packaging team, to our office team all have the same passion for our products. We are fortunate to share a head office with our sister company ISM and together we are all one big team.

Working together we deliver the highest hygiene standards to our clients, whether that’s providing them our products to purchase directly for use themselves, or them using ISM for specialist cleaning on their sites.

Did you also know…

We are passionate about our planet too! So not only did we want to produce a chemical that is environmentally friendly, we want to encourage refills on our products and do our bit to reduce our plastic footprint.