Plastic pollution is currently one of the biggest concerns in the world today, with the UK alone throwing away over 450,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year, which equates to around 9 million bottles. 

Sadly not all plastic is recycled the way it should be, and due to plastic having toxic pollutants the waste damages the environment and causes land, water and air pollution. 

Some items that we purchase do come in plastic packaging and are unavoidable, but it’s not just about purchasing items that we need to think about, it’s also about how we dispose of them. Where possible we should be recycling any plastic that we are finished using.

But what else could we think about doing?

On products that you use more than once, and on a regular basis, have you ever thought about refills? 

Rather than purchasing a brand new bottle each time, could you not refill the original bottle that you have? Just think how much waste would go down if everyone started to do this.  

The only way we are going to reduce our plastic footprint is by adapting to new ways of living, recycling waste appropriately, buying alternative products in non plastic packaging if available, or where possible opting for refills on the products we use.