As schools prepare to reopen their gates it has been stated that face coverings will not need to be worn by both staff and students, this now however appears to have been altered slightly.

It has since been released that any schools situated within an area of local lockdown will have to ensure all staff and students are wearing a face covering when in corridors walking to and from different rooms. 

The reasoning behind this is that all classrooms have been set up to adhere to social distancing, however when in corridors adhering to a 2 metre distance may be less achievable.

It also takes into consideration that when in classrooms the students will be in the company of their bubble only, however when in more public areas such as corridors there is a risk of crossing paths with someone outside of their bubble. 

Currently this is only compulsory in secondary schools but could be reviewed at a later date for primary schools. 

Areas currently in local lockdown can be found listed on the government website.