There is evidence that the wearing of a mask helps protect individuals and others around them from the virus. With this yesterday in England it was announced that face masks will be compulsory in all shops as from Friday 24th July 2020, a move that will then bring them into line with Scotland and other European countries. 

Children under 11 and those with some disabilities will be exempt from this, but anyone else who fails to comply with this rule will receive a fine of up to £100. 

Some businesses, such as barbers are already requiring their customers to wear a mask, and if they arrive without one, have some available for them to purchase. It is also already mandatory for masks to be worn on public transport, and this has been working well, with those not covering their faces being refused travel.

By putting this rule into place, it helps send the message that although we are coming out of lockdown, the virus is very much still a threat. We must still be following government guidelines to help protect ourselves and prevent the virus spreading. 

For the latest update on symptoms and testing for the virus check out the NHS website below: