We are all ensuring we are washing our hands regularly and most of us are carrying around hand sanitisers for times we don’t have access to soap and water. This is brilliant, and definitely what we need to be doing, but London Heathrow have announced that they have come across millions of fake hand sanitisers being imported into the country.

Along with the above trading standards officials have also said ‘there has been a surge in firms attempting to import sub-standard face masks into the UK’ 

It is scary to think that what we are purchasing may not be what we think it is, and instead of offering us projection, they are in fact putting us more at risk. Whilst we’re lucky to have such vigilant officials monitoring goods imported into the UK, it’s concerning to think how many items are potentially missed and get through. 

When purchasing face coverings and hand sanitiser, be sure to read the labels and ensure you know what you’re buying. It is advised  where possible to purchase products produced and manufactured in the UK, so you know exactly where your goods have come from, and can have peace of mind that they are fit for purpose and will do their bit to keep you safe.