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Midweek Mail – Why Buy British?

This year we have experienced something that no business could have been prepared for, and the impacts from lockdown for many companies have been devastating. Yesterday however in England we received some positive news from the prime minister stating that bars, restaurants and hairdressers can reopen as from the 4th of July. This step will [...]

2020-07-09T07:50:15+01:00June 24th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Midweek Mail – Handy Advice returning to a workplace with children

Being on top of health and safety is important in any workplace, but when you work with children it is imperative that you’re always on top of everything. Children are still learning the ways of the world, and so it is our responsibility to guide and support them. We are going through uncertain times at [...]

2020-07-09T07:51:21+01:00June 17th, 2020|Midweek Mail|