This year we have experienced something that no business could have been prepared for, and the impacts from lockdown for many companies have been devastating. Yesterday however in England we received some positive news from the prime minister stating that bars, restaurants and hairdressers can reopen as from the 4th of July. This step will hopefully soon be mirrored by the rest of the UK and we hope it won’t be too long until the beauty and leisure sectors follow suit. 

As we all start to go back to normal life we need to focus on what we can do to help support and rebuild our economy. It is now more important than ever to support local businesses and to help protect individuals’ jobs and livelihoods.

So why should your company buy British, because by buying British you are also buying:

  • Appreciation. You are doing your part in supporting their company and assisting them in recovering from recent events. By doing this, you are on their radar and they can therefore keep you in mind should they require your services in the future. 
  • Peace of mind. If you buy a product that is produced, prepared and sold in the UK, you know that product’s journey from start to finish, you know where it has been.
  • Time. Something that is manufactured in the UK is going to be delivered to you quicker than something coming from overseas. 

It will be a long road to recovery for our economy, but we can all play our part in enabling businesses to keep trading, after all we are all in this together.