We all love our planet, and so we all need to take the appropriate steps to reduce our plastic footprint.

So what can you do as a business to achieve this:


Sometimes we concentrate too much on making our packaging look good, that we lose sight of what impact it can have on the environment. The best way to overcome this is to use something simple and sustainable, make use of reusable items like cardboard and simpler plastics. 

Buy Wisely

When sourcing a new product / item for the workplace, look to find an option that is sold in 100% recyclable packaging. If you shop in store for any business purchases, use a bag for life instead of purchasing a plastic bag from the store. 

Product Refills

When you use certain products regularly, such as cleaning solutions / hand soap that come in plastic packaging, look to refill the bottles instead of purchasing new ones. 

Encourage Recycling

Provide recycling bins in your workplace to encourage staff to dispose of their waste in the correct bins, allowing items to be recycled instead of being processed and disposed of as general waste. 

These are simple but effective ways that contribute in reducing your plastic footprint and help better shape our future.