August 2020

Friday Facts – Is your school ready to reopen?

2020-08-24T11:53:51+01:00August 21st, 2020|Friday Facts|

We are now just two weeks away from the school gates reopening, but what measures have schools been advised to adopt to ensure a safe environment for their staff and students. Year groups / classes to be split into their own groups (bubbles) These groups to then have their own set classrooms for the day, [...]

Midweek Mail – The UK throws away 9 million plastic bottles each year

2020-08-19T16:07:41+01:00August 19th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

Plastic pollution is currently one of the biggest concerns in the world today, with the UK alone throwing away over 450,000 tonnes of plastic bottles each year, which equates to around 9 million bottles.  Sadly not all plastic is recycled the way it should be, and due to plastic having toxic pollutants the waste damages [...]

Friday Facts – Lockdown to ease further in England from tomorrow (15.08.20)

2020-08-14T14:51:08+01:00August 14th, 2020|Friday Facts|

Today Boris has confirmed that the lockdown in England will be eased further as from Saturday 15th August 2020.  So what does this mean? Wedding receptions are now able to take place in the form of a sit down meal for up to 30 guests Indoor theatre, music and performance venues are allowed to reopen [...]

Midweek Mail – What to do if an employee tests positive

2020-08-12T15:57:29+01:00August 12th, 2020|Midweek Mail|

As we all get back to work it is important to reiterate to your colleagues that they must follow the most up to date guidelines for checking themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.  With tests now more available and accessible it is imperative that if anyone suspects they have the virus, that they go and get [...]

Monday Memo – Has your business considered touchpoint cleaning?

2020-08-10T09:19:08+01:00August 10th, 2020|Monday Memo|

With most businesses now back to work it is advised that all cleaning regimes are increased to help reduce the risk of a Coronavirus outbreak.  It is easy to forget however that there are some key areas in the workplace that will require even further and more regular attention, these being areas that are touched [...]

Monday Memo – Changes to face covering rules from 8th August in England

2020-08-03T16:24:15+01:00August 3rd, 2020|Monday Memo|

Just before the weekend Boris Johnson announced that face coverings will be mandatory in even more indoor areas in England as from the 8th August. It was advised that face coverings will now need to be worn in all indoor settings where you are likely to come into contact with people you wouldn’t usually meet. [...]

July 2020

Friday Facts – Alcohol based hand sanitiser not as effective in sun

2020-07-31T10:11:44+01:00July 31st, 2020|Friday Facts|

With the weather reaching 30 degrees in the UK today, it’s important to know whether your hand sanitiser is providing the protection that you think it is.  Most alcohol based hand sanitisers are liquid, and have a flashpoint of 21 - 24 degrees, meaning that when exposed to temperatures above this heat, it will evaporate [...]