With most businesses now back to work it is advised that all cleaning regimes are increased to help reduce the risk of a Coronavirus outbreak. 

It is easy to forget however that there are some key areas in the workplace that will require even further and more regular attention, these being areas that are touched more frequently.

So what are these high-risk areas that you should consider touchpoint cleaning? 

  • work surfaces like desks, platforms and workstations
  • handles on doors, windows, rails, dispensers and water coolers
  • common areas like toilets, reception, changing rooms, corridors and lifts 
  • vehicle handles, steering wheel, seat belts and internal surfaces
  • control panels for machinery, control pads and switches
  • computer keyboards, printers, touch screens, monitors and phones
  • taps, kettles, water heaters, fridges, microwaves and cupboards
  • shared equipment like tools, machines, vehicles, pallet trucks and delivery boxes
  • post and goods coming in or being shopped out

Make sure your cleaners have these areas built into their schedules or if you work in a self clean environment, ensure there is antibacterial cleaner and wipes readily available for colleagues to use and clean as they go.