With the weather reaching 30 degrees in the UK today, it’s important to know whether your hand sanitiser is providing the protection that you think it is. 

Most alcohol based hand sanitisers are liquid, and have a flashpoint of 21 – 24 degrees, meaning that when exposed to temperatures above this heat, it will evaporate quicker. Once evaporated it is no longer offering your hands the protection that it should be.

With temperatures soaring it is also important to note that alcohol based sanitisers become an increased fire risk. It is highly advised not to leave your sanitiser in your vehicles, or in direct sunlight, and especially around children. 

So what can you do ?

The best method to protect your hands is with soap and water, so ensure when possible you wash your hands thoroughly.

At times however when you haven’t access to a sink, try purchasing a hand gel instead of a liquid based product, the reasoning for this is that a gel will act as a moisturiser as well as a cleaner.  It will take longer to absorb into your skin, and as well as washing your hands it will provide a layer of protection too, meaning it will be effective for longer. 

Where possible it is recommended to buy non-alcoholic products, they are kinder to your skin, non flammable, and will therefore provide longer lasting protection, especially in warmer temperatures.