As the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 continues to spread globally, one of the recommended preventative measures include washing hands more frequently however we are seeing an increase in the effects of using alcohol based products up to (and often more than) 20 times a day!

At Clean That we pride ourselves in providing effective cleaning solution which is Alcohol Free and here’s why;

Effects of using Alcohol:

Alcohol-based products will contain one of two active ingredients; alcohol or isopropanol. Both are antiseptic products which are very similar, including the fact that both are highly flammable. Whilst the FDA has in the past recommended that hand-sanitisers contain up to 95% alcohol for maximum efficacy this high concentration raises concerns within the health care community. Hospitals and alike are required to consult local fire authorities when planning the installation of alcohol-based dispensers and local regulations must be adhered to in order to use such products.

In addition to this, alcohol-based solutions contain great potential toxicity hazards should the product be ingested. For a product which is used and will continue to be frequently used, the risk of alcohol poisoning in children and adults presents great concerns. The toxicity of the alcohol can also stain floors/walls and other hard surfaces after frequent contact so whilst the product is killing bacteria it is also presenting further, long-lasting damages to either surfaces or skin.

The side effects on skin associated with using alcohol-based hand sanitisers are dryness and cracking of the skin. This occurs because the alcohol strips away the oil in your skin which retain moisture leaving your skin exposed to irritation. Excessive exposure to chemicals can trigger skin irritation. When then skins barrier function is disrupted, it becomes even more vulnerable. If alcohol based products are being used on the skin this should be in conjunction with moisturisers to repair the barrier.

Environmental Factor:

Alcohol based products are produced in a costly environmental process with multiple high temperature heating stages within the chemical reaction required, yielding a high CO2 output. In contrast our alcohol-free products contain active biological ingredients as opposed to alcohol which contain no aquatic toxicity and offer a greener alternative by reducing the environmental impact in the production process.

Long Term Solution:

Whilst the flash on flash off effect of alcohol based products can often provide a quick and easy solution we understand that cleanliness and hygiene will continue to be at the forefront of everyones mind in the future. The damaging effects of using alcohol based products continuously pose risk to workplaces and peoples health. Therefore a solution which has proven long-lasting effects even when dry provides peace of mind that whether using our multi-purpose cleaner or hand sanitiser, you’re protected.