ISM develop an Anti- Bacterial fogging and deep clean touch point hygiene process to reduce bacteria by 99.9% either as part of a confirmed Coronavirus case deep clean requirement or as part of ongoing hygiene services .

A highly effective deep cleaning solution using Clean Thats Anti Bacterial fluid for warehouses, transport, offices and public areas. Our service’a provide confidence that all measures which can be deployed in the fight against bacteria, yeasts and moulds have been instigated improving both health , safety and wellbeing within your work or domestic areas .

As part of our assurance process our highly trained staff both hygienically sanitise and clean surface areas as well as surface test using the latest micro -organism ATP testing systems.

We will provide a comprehensive report detailing pre and post sanitisation of your site providing you with data analysis for providing our customers with complete satisfaction that compliance and risk management are been observed and to further provide quality and safety control measures capable of reducing the potential of infections by 99.9 % .