During the week it is common for us to spend more time at work at our desks, than we do at home, and there is more than just a buildup of work on our desks that we should be worried about.

It is proven that an office desk can contain 400 more germs than a toilet seat, meaning many workers are vulnerable to becoming ill due to poor hygiene. Studies have found that humans are the most common source of bacteria, and we spread this with everything we touch, ie; phones, keyboards, desks, light switches etc. Everytime something is touched with our hands we are not only depositing bacteria but we are also picking up bacteria too. 

It is therefore important to keep on top of your cleaning in the workplace, although you may have cleaners in once a week, it is advised you wipe down all surfaces in between use. It is also imperative that you wash your hands thoroughly numerous times throughout the day and especially when going to the bathroom or before preparing food. 

In order to combat the threat of bacteria build and cross contamination it is useful to keep desk wipes and hand sanitiser on your desk, or somewhere in the office where they are readily available for all colleagues to use. If everyone in the office was to abide by these guidelines together you decrease the risk of anyone becoming unwell.