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Drivers Packs


Navy Drawstring bag containing; 

  • 500ml Anti-bac Multi-purpose spray
  • 10 x Wipes 
  • 100ml Hand Gel 

Alcohol-free products = Non Flammable

EN1276, EN13697 & EN1500 Accredited



Multi-Purpose Spray:

Ready to use solution, apply directly to the surface and wipe.

Fast, effective and ready to use formula, proudly produced within the UK and independently ATP tested, proving it provides a layer of protection that stops viruses and bacteria from growing.  The solutions advanced barrier technology offers this protection for up to 30 days! 

Hand Gel:

Simply apply a small amount in the palm of your hand and then gently massage both hands together .

Our alcohol-free hand gel offers you enhanced protection, being able to fight against more resilient germs such as; Norovirus and C-Diff.

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